Our Commitment to Ethically Sourced & Made, Sustainable and Cruelty Free Products

Here at Goat we’re all about making quality body products that work at an affordable price for the whole family.

Our commitment doesn’t stop there – Part of our mission to achieve that, is ensuring our products are ethically made, that they are manufactured in an environment that practices GMP and that all the raw ingredients are sustainable, locally sourced where possible and most importantly, are cruelty free both in their finished form and raw ingredient stages.

Our Goats reside in the stunning lush pastures in Gippsland Victoria and enjoy plenty of sunshine on nice days and protection from the weather during the colder months.

Our palm oil is sustainably sourced from Orangutan friendly environments and we understand the importance of being part of the Round Table of Sustainable Palm oil. Click here for additional information.

We are proud of our commitment to being part of the movement in looking after our planet

Did you know almost all of Goat products can be recycled in your kerbside recycling bin? Just check under our bottles for these symbols and remove the lids prior to putting them in your bin – its that easy!

At Goat HQ, we understand the importance of recycling and the benefits this reduction has on our environment. We’re all about conserving our valuable resources, saving energy and prolonging the life of landfills by using locally sourced, recyclable packaging wherever possible to reduce our carbon footprint and support home grown Australian family businesses.

Do you compost? Our Australian made bamboo wipes are biodegradable under compostable conditions!